Specified Commercial Transactions Act

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Fukuoka Office

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M IC General Planning Co., Ltd.

Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 2-8-5




admin@mintjasia.com (24 hours reception)

0570-032-280 (9:00 to 17:00)

Timing and method of price payment TOP page “Price information” reference

Bank transfer, credit card payment, BitCash, C-CHECK, convenience store cash register payment, postal transfer, e-BANK

Price of

goods Delivery time of goods

Refund and return of special contract

1pt = 1$

Immediately after payment is confirmed (only after confirmation from the bank transfer by bank transfer)

Due to the nature of the sales form, we can not accept refunds after service provision.
※ It is not a service to which the cooling off according to the Specified Commercial Transaction Law is applied.
※ With the application of the fund settlement method, the expiration date of purchased points will be 180 days from the last login date.


and conditions of service Provisional costs and shipping charges Other incidental costs

Inquiry method

We provide services on the Internet.

None We

accept by telephone, mail.
Please refrain from e-mails and telephones for the purpose of profit.