Pricing Information

Consumption point
All use of women is free! Male use is fully prepaid.
When registering men, you will receive up to 100 pt! It is available by trial.
There is no need to charge site usage fee later, so please use it with confidence.

male Woman
Post message 5 pt free
Add images and videos to posts free free
View the bulletin board 1pt to 3pt free
View Bulletin Board Images 3 pt free
Watch the board video 5 pt free
send a message 7 pt free
Add images / videos to messages free free
View Incoming Mail free free
View profile Free (※ with some consumption pt) free

Fee structure

You can purchase points for use within the site for 1 pt = 1$.
The purchase over 3,000 yen is advantageous. During the various point UP campaign and event operation it will be more advantageous!

Amount of money point
10$ 100 pt
20$ 200 pt
30$ 320 pt
50$ 550pt
100$ 1200 pt
150$ 1800 pt
200$ 2500 pt